Dana Evans: Owner

Smith Island native who moved to Salisbury and opened the bakery to meet the ever growing demand for her unique and delicious cakes.

Stephanie Evans: Owner/ Manager

Smith Island native moved with her parents to Salisbury and now runs daily operations of her and her mothers bakery business.

Classic Cakes History

Classic Cakes is owned and operated by Dana Evans. Dana began making the traditional cakes from the time she was a young girl growing up on Smith Island. Smith Island Cakes are made with multiple thin layers of cake with icing between each layer. Smith Island is the only off shore island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay.

Dana and her family moved from Smith Island to Salisbury where she opened up Classic Cakes in 2003. Now side by side with her daughter, Stephanie, who manages daily operations. The mother-daughter team have turned their passion into a business to share the decadent sweets with others. They make over 20 flavors of the Smith Island Cakes.

Classic Cakes is a full service bakery, offering Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Pastries and Pies. We also deliver to numerous restaurants and ship worldwide.

Pure Joy In Every Bite!