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Welcome to Classic Cakes

The Eastern Shore has had a love affair with cakes from the early days of our Chesapeake heritage. In our hearts, nothing is worse than an empty cakestand with little left but a few crumbs from nine pencil-thin layers of cake lathered with frosting in between each or a celebration of two lives being joined without the ceremonial feeding of a delightful piece of wedding cake.

Whatever your passion, we hope you will enjoy one of our Classic Cakes!

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Enjoy a delicious piece of history with one of our homeade 9 layer cakes.

Offering great flavors like:
  • » Traditional Chocolate Layer Cake
  • » Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • » Reeses
  • » Banana
  • » Orange
  • » Pinapple
  • » and many more...
As your big day draws near, there are many important decisions to make. Your wedding cake should not be a stressful one. We are happy to help with creating a cake that is truly unique and personal.

Our Offerings include:
  • » Amaretto Chocolate
  • » Chocolate Espresso
  • » Chocolate Hazelnut
  • » Raspberry Truffle
  • » and many more...

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